Also known as The Bible App, YouVersion is just amazing: you get access to a host of translations of the Bible, and you can have some of those off-line.

You can comment, or highlight verses in different colours, although this is not carried across various translations. You get to share those verses to various social networks or apps, including Evernote –  which is very useful if you want to get back to them later!

You get existing plans where you can track your progress, and this  is a real help to get into a routine, rather than having to flick to the right page.

Finally, there is a browser version that is synced with your phone, so you can get back to your own notes on all platforms!


And I mentioned it above, Evernote is just the amazing on-the-go notebook. Use it to record thoughts, organise them, move them around.

Use them to store Bible verses. Expand on them, jot down your thoughts. Upload pictures, which you then download onto your computer. Write down recipes. Or addresses for Christmas cards.

I used to use GMail’s drafts to keep such snippets of information; EverNote is much more convenient! But don’t take my word for it – take Ben Reed‘s, or, better, try it yourself!

Two awesome apps, and a fun fact about the Bible