1. Ben Reed‘s blog is always a pleasure to read. It is hard to pick just one of his posts; I’ll go for one of the recent ones: 9 ways to respond to the quiet guy
  2. Nick Baines recently blogged about being counter-cultural. The Bishop of Bradford is a very VERY prolific blogger, so count on him to keep you up to date.
  3. Dean Roberts, a young Anglican pastor, blogged about sacrificial giving. A very good read.
  4. Finally, Dave Bish, from UCCF, recently blogged about trinity and the “hard matters” that we sometimes hide because they look bigger than they are.

Most of these I shared on Twitter, so follow me to get them! Also worth pointing out, there are two cool things out there: the first one is Millennial Leader, a community of bloggers; the second one is the brand new and shiny Google+ community “Christian bloggers”. You can find lots of good stuff there!

Four posts by others, three Christian jokes, two awesome apps, and a fun fact about the Bible