1. Bible Gateway – really lightweight Bible website, ideal for sharing in as many translations as you’d like
  2. Interlinear Bible – see the Bible with the original Greek, word-by-word translations, and links to…
  3. Strong’s concordance – normally in book form, this is just amazing if you want to look into what kaluma really means.
  4. Ship of Fools – not sure what to buy for a birthday? Look in the gadget section. And just laugh at the articles :)
  5. BBC News – because you don’t want to be disconnected from the world!
  6. Google Advanced Image Search – you can select license filters, and thus find lots of images licensed for re-use (generally CC). As an aside, photos which aren’t credited on this blog come either from my personal library (and are therefore under CC-BY-NC) or from public-domain-image.com (and therefore public domain)
  7. Last.fm – amazing site to find new music. Sadly, there will be changes meaning radio will only be accessible from the UK, US and Germany; but if you’re there, sign up!

Seven useful websites, six popular posts, five blends of tea!

Four posts by others, three Christian jokes, two awesome apps, and a fun fact about the Bible