This work is released under a Creative Commons license. Here’s some clarification of what is covered by the license, and what is meant.

Creative Commons Licence

All that is in this blog and isn’t attributed to anyone else is subject to the following. Pictures are generally reused under their own CC license and the understanding of “non-commercial” may vary according to their authors.

“Non-commercial” basically means do not sell my work. If you rejig it, or use it as an illustration, etc., you may use it with ads next to it, regardless of whether it is just to cover hosting costs or as a profit-making venture.
If you simply copy it, however, and no significant addition is made, then please do not use my work for profit. Further, do not place it behind a paywall.

“Attribution” – please place a link to either the post itself or to When reusing my remixes of images previously released by other authors, you should attribute to the original author; and you may omit to attribute my rework.
While this isn’t compulsory, when you do use my material, please make my day and let me know by commenting on this page or emailing me.

“Share-alike” – this is mostly due to my use of material previously released under this license. If you wish to share my work under a different type of license, let me know by emailing me and we’ll see what we can work out.