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Ben Reed is a young American pastor in Tennessee. He is passionate about small groups, but his blog covers a lot of other areas, ranging from leadership to standing in awe of God. You may want to check out the most popular posts of 2011, but his output is consistently good – I reckon his blog is the one that got me into blogging in the first place. He’s got a book coming out soon, I’ll keep you posted, but it should be a good one. His only downside is that he likes coffee. And prefers it over tea.
You can follow @benreed on twitter or like his page on Facebook.

Jonathan Pearson – refocus, reshape

This blog started off similar in its form to Ben Reed’s, but now each blog has its distinctive identity. Go there for devotionals, and for short, assertive encouragements. A prime example of such posts are “Eight on the eights”, eight-word messages which go straight to the point.
In terms of topics, this blog has more of a community-led  discourse and there will be a wide variety of encouragements for and thoughts on the individual Christian’s life.
As with Ben Reed, I suggest following @JonathanPearson on twitter.

Dean Roberts

Because there’s also great ministers in the UK, Dean Aaron Roberts is a very active blogger whose enthusiasm for his ministry. His twitter, @DeanRobertsNet, is a goldmine for that.
His blog is a bit heavy to load, but includes great, challenging posts. This one is a favourite of mine.

The church of no people

I’m still not sure I completely understand the title of Matt Appling’s blog, but it is a good one nonetheless.

Phil Drysdale

I heard Phil speak once at Westwood Church. It was on identity. He is very big on our new identities as Christians and on the finished work of the Cross.
His posts are generally very thoughtful and challenging. They are something of a rough diamond sometimes, which means that you should give them long enough to sink in and understand, but it’s always worth it. And if you get the chance to hear him preach, do not hesitate. Go there.
His twitter is @phildrysdale

Our Life is Open

This is a collaborative blog written by some of my friends. It contains some wise words on a variety of topics, impressive healing testimonies and plenty of other stuff which I’d love for you to check out.
You can follow the blog on twitter: @ourlifeisopen 

Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry

Finally, a slightly different blog which all arts and crafts-y people and kid workers should love. Flame is most literally a blog recounting the ideas and activities made with children in church. Really, really great. (I haven’t found a twitter for it)

If you know other great blogs that should feature on this list, please do add them in a comment below!