First off, if you’re on Twitter, I hope you’re following me :-p But this post is not about me, it’s about the wealth of amazing Tweeters out there:

  1. The Church Mouse – if you’re interested in church news, that’s THE account to follow.
  2. Ben Reed – ’nuff said.
  3. Larry Norman – he loves Puritans, and he always posts thoughtful stuff (although sometimes in German, and not altogether too often!)
  4. Dean Aaron Roberts – a young pastor, he will post a fair amount of cool stuff
  5. Dave Bish – works with UCCF
  6. C.S. Lewis quotes – who doesn’t like CS Lewis?
  7. Ruth Gledhill – religion correspondent with The Times
  8. Phil Drysdale – will post thought-provoking stuff
  9. Jonathan Pearson – great pastor-blogger
  10. WelbyBot – for laughs about the new Archbishop
  11. Liberal Vicar – I am often tempted to retweet him, but people might think I agree when it’s very fine sarcasm!

Eleven Twitter accounts, ten worship songsnine Christian memeseight books to readseven useful websitessix popular postsfive blends of tea!

Four posts by othersthree Christian jokestwo awesome apps, and a fun fact about the Bible