People sometimes come to this blog with wonderfully weird search terms. Here are twelve of the quirkiest (with links to what I think is the relevant post):

  1. are doctor who‘s slippers predestined – you who Googled this – well, Yahoo!ed this, I love you.
  2. predestination innuendo – if you know a good one, please share it in the comments!
  3. it is ok we can sing ebenezer song at the churches – that one is not quite as surprising, but the wording brings a smug smile to my lips
  4. dont use comic sans – missing apostrophe aside, I couldn’t agree more
  5. phil drysdale church – see, Phil, you should start one and name it after you! (if you need to know, Phil is working with Bethel!)
  6. why people like tea – well, why wouldn’t they? Seriously, if you need to search for this, you’re either a PhD student with too much time on your hands, meaning you look for causes to natural fundamentals; or you just haven’t lived.
  7. why people don’t like making tea – don’t they, really?
  8. best way to cut grass that is too tall – this one can be understood; but sadly, my blog on 3-foot grass will not answer that question. Considering this is not the only search query to that effect, here it is: strimmer, shears – both will take a while, and the latter will slightly hurt your back – or, if you’re feeling manly and have that at hand, a scythe.
  9. slipper in the bible – now for this one and the next two, yes, I get how searching for “slipper” might lead to this blog. But seriously, are there studies about slippers in the Bible? There may be something in that, actually…
  10. slipper worship – if you’re doing that, you’re doing it wrong. But I’m flattered all the same.
  11. discipline slipper – ah, we are getting to the true use of the slipper: it is NOT to warm your feet, but to discipline those who bring up predestination.
  12. piano sex – just, what? Why anyone would Google that is beyond me. Why it then led to my blog is a further mystery!

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