One year down in this blog. It’s been a great journey – from 200-odd monthly page views to roughly 500 this December*. My posts have evolved – I no longer try to emulate those who inspired me and I have kind of found a voice; and my style has changed.

Looking at statistics makes it easy to see one thing: lists please. 10 is a good number. And the quirkier the list, the better. The best two posts are these:

  1. 10 reasons why leading people is like making a pot of tea
  2. 10 ways in which the  Queen is like Jesus

These two seem to have boosted numbers of readers quite importantly, so much so that it is difficult to compare like for like with posts published before these two and posts published after these two. It makes no surprise, then, that the rest of the top 6 is relatively recent – even a post which had only slightly over one week to collect views has made it, but it’s fresh enough so there’s no need to remind you about it.

So the top 5 is completed by:

  1. Singing lies is OK
  2. The piano and the rule
  3. Oh Noes! They used Comic Sans!

All of these have over 100 views at the time of writing! (and I’m quite pleased with that!)

The sixth post I will share here is one that was popular even though it was published before the dynamic duo; and you may have missed it. It’s all about identity and faith:

  1. Being a Christian – believing in Christ, which was my fourth post ever, coming in at a very nice 77 views!

Did you have a favourite post this year? Which one was it?

Six popular posts, five blends of tea!

Four posts by othersthree Christian jokestwo awesome apps, and a fun fact about the Bible

* This was written before the 12 days series. Now the total is closer to 700, although this is admittedly skewed by a higher number of posts. 500 is closer to “normal” month expectations.